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At Proper Ranch we know there is a proper way to do things.

Quality beef comes from taking what we know makes a superior tasting product and putting it into practice. When it comes to our Natural Black Angus Beef, we know that humane handling, a healthy diet, and encouraging natural growth and development are just a few of the things we can do to ensure a more flavorful product.

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Natural means more to us than the current minimum standard of minimally processed. Natural means our animals graze and roam freely on our friendly pastures in the Midwest, This also means never using antibiotics and never using added hormones in our program. Feeding a 100% vegetarian diet, free of animal byproducts is yet another way we keep our product as close to nature as possible. Black Angus Cattle are recognized as a superior breed for quality of flavor and tenderness. Our Beef Cattle are genetically Black Angus, not black cow, Our strict humane handling practices result in less stress for our animals and this results in a better tasting product. It takes more time to grow our Natural Black Angus Beef cattle, but the taste is worth it.


here seems to be quite a bit of confusion out there as to what the term “grass-fed” really means. When we say that our beef is “grass-fed”, that’s exactly what we mean. Our All American cattle graze contentedly in the most natural of settings on a simple diet of just grass. Our network of 120 locally-owned family farms services our USDA Inspected facility located in Sigourney, Iowa. Our beef is minimally processed. Nothing is added. No hormones, no antibiotics, no pesticides, no preservatives, no animal by-products or artificial ingredients. Nothing at all. Ever. We believe that the way cows are fed and raised can have significant effect on the beef they produce. This is what helps us to consistently produce the lean and incredibly flavorful cuts of beef that Proper Ranch is known for.

Continue scrolling to find out more about GRAIN FED and GRASS FED options


*No Growth Hormones. Ever

*No Antibiotics. Ever

*Pasture Raised. Always.

*100% Vegetarian Diet. Always.

*State of the Art Processing Facility.

*Highest Standards of Animal Welfare.

Strip Loin

Boneless Ribeye

Ribeye Bone in



Chuck Tail Flap for Short Rib

Ground Beef

Burger Patties


"Working with Proper Ranch products gives me the confidence that my customers are getting the highest quality proteins."

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